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Orc leader of Moria during the War of the Dwarves and the Orcs. Azog was large, strong and agile. He called himself king and appears to have commanded the Orcs not only in Moria but in all of the Misty Mountains.

In 2790, twenty years after the Dwarves had been driven from the Lonely Mountain by Smaug, Thror set out for Moria accompanied by Nar. He went into the East-gate and did not return. Several days later, Azog emerged with Thror's body. The head had been severed and Azog had carved his name in Dwarf runes into Thror's forehead. Azog threw a bag of coins at Nar and told him to spread the word among the Dwarves that Azog ruled in Moria.

Thror's son Thrain mustered an army of Dwarves and launched a war against the Orcs of the Misty Mountains in 2793. In 2799 the Battle of Azanulbizar was fought in Dimrill Dale. Nain stood at the East-gate of Moria and called for Azog to come out. Azog and Nain fought on the doorstep. As Nain tried to strike a blow, Azog stepped aside and kicked his leg and then broke the Dwarf's neck as he stumbled. But Azog's victory was short-lived. He saw that the Orcs in the valley were being routed by the Dwarves, and he tried to flee back into Moria, but then Nain's son Dain Ironfoot slew Azog with his axe.

Azog's head was cut off and put on a stake, and the bag of coins he had thrown at Nar was stuffed into his mouth. But although the Dwarves won the Battle of Azanulbizar they did not reclaim Moria, for they had suffered much loss and Dain had looked through the East-gate into Moria and became aware that Durin's Bane, the Balrog, still lurked there.