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Hasty Ent. Quickbeam was the first Ent to decide to go to war against Saruman, and he participated in the destruction of Isengard.

Quickbeam was a tall, supple Ent with smooth skin, ruddy lips, and grey-green hair. At the time of the War of the Ring, he was relatively young for an Ent, though he was still probably several thousand years old. Quickbeam laughed frequently and enjoyed singing. He was considered hasty for an Ent because he had once replied to an elder before he had finished his question. He also drank quickly.

Quickbeam originally lived on the mountain slopes west of Isengard and was one of Skinbark's people. Rowan trees were planted near his home when Quickbeam was a young Enting, and he came to love them above all other trees. But one day Quickbeam found his rowan trees lying dead, cut down by Saruman's Orcs.

Skinbark was wounded by the Orcs and retreated high up the mountain slopes. Quickbeam also left the area and moved near Derndingle in Fangorn Forest. He lived under a green bank with a spring of clear water. There was a circle of rowan trees around his home and a mossy stone inside.

On February 30, 3019, Quickbeam attended the Entmoot assembled by Treebeard to determine what should be done about Saruman, whose Orcs had destroyed many trees in Fangorn. Quickbeam made up his mind to march against Saruman the first day and said that he did not need to remain at the Entmoot. Treebeard introduced Quickbeam to Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took, and Quickbeam took the Hobbits to his home and kept them company while the Entmoot continued.