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Sustenance of the Ents. Ent-draughts were extremely invigorating - so much so that the Hobbits Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took actually grew taller from drinking them.

Ent-draughts were brewed by the Ents from the waters of the mountain springs on Methedras. These springs were the source of the Entwash and the water had special properties. When Merry and Pippin drank from the Entwash and bathed their feet they felt refreshed and their wounds were healed.

When Treebeard brought Merry and Pippin to his home at Wellinghall on February 29, 3019, he gave them each a bowl of Ent-draught from a stone jar. The Hobbits found that it was similar to the water they had drunk from the Entwash, but it was even more invigorating. They felt its power coursing through their limbs and it felt like the hair on their heads was curling and growing. There was a taste or scent like a breeze from the woods. The next morning, Treebeard gave the Hobbits an Ent-draught from a different jar. This one was more filling and had an earthier, richer taste.

By the time Merry and Pippin were reunited with their companions, they had grown noticeably taller. Their exact height is not recorded, but it is said that they surpassed Bandobras Took, who was four feet, five inches tall.